Basic Ways To Evaluate And Choose Self-Storage Services

If you have guests coming for a few days or want to de-clutter the house for renovation, it is a good idea to remove some of the furniture and other stuff. This is precisely where you can think of self-storage services. A storage service offers you the space and security to keep your belongings for a fixed charge every month. Such services can be found in most of the United States and are high on demand. In this post, we will give the basic hints to choose the right company in your area.


Start with background

Reliability is the key for choosing such services, simply because the goods and stuff you keep are expensive, and the last thing you would want is any damage. Make sure that the company you choose has all the required licenses and certifications for legal operations, and they should have some kind of liability against damages. Insurance can be a factor worth checking, but it is best to have a look at their clients. If you have any doubts, ask them to give you a few references in your area, or else, you can also check their website for testimonials and feedback.

Find a quote

Storage units are usually charged at a fixed price each month, but there can be discretions to the rules and pricing. Ask a few companies in your area to offer you a quote based on your requirements. Units are assigned to each customer and it is possible to keep anything and everything, as long as there is ample space. However, some companies may not allow you to keep larger things like appliances and massive furniture items, so make sure that you check for the same. Do not choose a service because the quote is the lowest in business. Instead, look for a company that offers services and charges competently for the same.


Check the services

You need to know the kind of assistance and support you can get from a storage service. Start by asking about the location of their storage facilities, which should ideally be within an easy reach. Pickup and delivery may or may not be offered, but in case you have to get some stuff from your unit, it shouldn’t be too far. Secondly, do take a check at their security measures. Do they have enough staff to guard the premises? Do they use CCTV cameras? Do they have enough security at the gates? These are just some of the basic questions worth asking. You also need to check their business hours and the kind of regular access you can have to the unit. Sometimes, home owners need their things more often than usual.


Finally, do not miss on hygiene and maintenance. Pests and rodents often end up damaging goods at such services, and therefore, cleanliness is one of the major aspects to check. Do ask them to show you around when you pay a visit, and if there are any concerns, you should talk to the manager directly.

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