Choosing a New Garage Door- Why Are Roller Shutters the Number One Choice?

If your garage door is creaking and making a lot of noise every time it opens or closes, it might be time to look for a replacement. Most garage doors begin to rust after a few years, which can damage the locking mechanism. Over time, the garage door will begin to take more time to open or close. If the issues continue to increase, it’s best to look for a replacement rather than pay so much money for repairs every few months.


However, selecting a new garage door is not as easy as it looks. There are many different types of garage doors you can choose from, ranging from roller shutter garage doors, sectional garage doors to swing out, and swing up garage doors. Most people are often confused about which one to choose.

Some garage doors, such as swing-out doors, look graceful and elegant. However, they also have a downside: they take up a lot of space. These doors are not suitable for houses that have smaller driveways. Many companies sell roller shutter garage doors such as Over the past few years, they have become tremendously popular throughout the UK. Here are just some of the many reasons why so many homeowners are now buying roller shutter garage doors.

Operating Mechanism

Most homeowners don’t understand the importance of selecting a garage door with a simplified operating mechanism. The operating mechanism of a roller shutter door is fixed on the interior of the garage door opening. The shutter itself is made from a corrugated metal sheet that rolls up and neatly rests in a coil. The interlocked slats of the roller shutter door are made from steel, though corrugated fibreglass doors are also available.



Space limitations can have a significant impact on your decision to choose a specific type of garage door. If you are looking for a compact solution, roller shutter garage doors are an excellent choice. You don’t need to worry about the door opening upwards or outwards. As soon as you press the button, the garage door will simply roll up, and the interlocked slats will unlock and fold themselves in a drum at the top. You can drive your car inside without causing any obstruction in the operation.


You don’t need to worry about any weather damage to your roller shutter garage doors. These doors are weatherproof and prevent rain or snow from entering the garage. Most importantly, the garage door doesn’t get damaged due to weather conditions either. Whether it’s raining heavily or the sun is shining brightly, it won’t have any impact on the performance or appearance of your garage door. If door colour becomes dull, all you need to do is use a simple cleaning solution and wipe the door with a dry piece of cloth. It will look as good as new within a few hours. You can also re-polish the doors to make it shine again.

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