Commercial Floor Cleaning with Viper

Cleaning the floors in commercial buildings is tough. Every day you will find new stains, spills and other spots left over from thousands of visitors to the business that can’t be cleaned with a broom or mop. These hard to remove spots need to be cleaned using a powerful automatic scrubber, floor buffer or carpet extractor. The Viper series of floor cleaning machines are the perfect choice for any commercial floor cleaning company that needs a dependable line of equipment that can remove any stain and make the floor look like new before the next business day.


Cleaning Commercial Carpet Floors

While various styles of carpet may be popular in offices, retail stores and some department stores, cleaning them can be quite difficult for any commercial cleaning company. The threads in carpet quickly collect dirt and dust and can even begin to smell when not properly cleaned. If bubblegum, stickers or other sticky debris becomes stuck in the fibers, professional cleaning equipment and chemicals is almost certainly required. Two essential pieces of carpet cleaning equipment for any commercial cleaning company are the CUDA 26″ Dual-Motor Wide Area Vacuum and the Slider – SL1610SE Self-Contained Carpet Extractor.

The CUDA has a large filter bag and a control system that takes only a few seconds to master, making it the perfect wide area vacuum for cleaning any commercial carpet. The Slider – SL1610SE has a compact yet powerful design that can remove even the most grounded stains using its 3-stage motor and 100 psi pump.

Cleaning Commercial Tile Floors

Cleaning commercial floors may seems easier than carpet floors but the size and scale of tile floors in commercial buildings can often make cleaning them quite difficult. Luckily, Viper makes an excellent Floor Buffer in the Venom – VN20DS, a top of the line Burnisher in the Dragon – DR2000DC and an excellent commercial scrubber in the Viper Fang 20 Pad-Assist Automatic Scrubber. The Venom – VN20DS is one of the best dual-speed commercial floor buffers available with its powerful motor capable of 330 RPM is perfect for tile flooring that needs a light glossy look.

When cleaning high traffic flooring that needs a gloss finish the Viper Fang 20 is a popular choice for many companies. The Fang 20 has a cleaning path of 20 inches and is built with H.D. cast aluminum squeegee assembly allowing a cleaning company to quickly make any commercial tile shine like new.

Upgrade Your Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment

Upgrading your commercial floor cleaning equipment to a Viper product is an easy way to guarantee your floors get cleaned by a product that will last your business for many years. Investing in a new piece of equipment is a big decision for any small business so be sure to make the right choice for your company when upgrading your cleaning equipment.

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