Demand for Natural Products Response to Fear that the Earth is a Finite Resource

For those who pay attention to the news, it’s hard to escape the fact that the environment is increasingly becoming a subject of much anxiety. From persistent stories of global warming in the Arctic, to recent reports of contaminated rivers in Flint, Michigan, consumers have been made aware that human activity is having a drastic effect on the health of the planet. While for millennia humans were able to maintain a blissful ignorance on their effect upon the environment because it seemed “inconsumable”, recent developments have brought attention to the fact that the Earth does indeed have limits, and that if used too harshly it may – in some apocalyptic future that is becoming increasingly easy to imagine – at some point no longer be capable of supporting life in any sense of the word.

Natural Products

This new awareness has led to significant consumer guilt, and to a demand for products that have as little negative effect on the environment as possible to lessen the impact of the products that are required for comfortable day-to-day living. If green products can be adopted on a large scale, then perhaps a sustainable relationship can be fostered with the environment as a whole. Consumers have demonstrated that they are concerned for the future of the planet, both for their own sake and for the sake of their children. Therefore, it is imperative that manufacturers of some of the most detrimental goods, such as those used for personal care products or household and industrial cleaning, adapt their formulas to create more sustainable chemical solutions.

One company that is leading the charge in the development of such solutions is Cambrian Solutions, which has been operating as distributor between global ingredient manufacturers and North American industries since 1995. They have been one of the pioneers in providing formulators with alternatives to traditional chemicals that meet this demand for green or sustainable products without sacrificing performance. That last point is key, as any product, green or not, that does not do the job it was meant to do will be met with huge commercial failure.

Cambrian’s chemical solutions have lead the industry in providing fixes to the problem of environmental sustainability. In their commercial materials, they offer natural aromatic extracts that are derived from straightforward processes and are thus label friendly, or non-toxic preservatives sourced from raw ingredients. They also provide neutral pH disinfectant formulations that deal with all of the critical bacteria and viruses that might disrupt food manufacturing, and superior, high-performance industrial degreasers that also function as more environmentally-friendly substitutes for traditional materials. Whatever your need in this field, Cambrian Solutions will be able to provide you with materials to help make the transition to sustainability as easy as possible. A transition that you should hopefully begin as soon as possible, because decreasing your company’s impact on the environment is not only a moral decision, but a sound business decision as well.

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