Don’t Be A Victim Of Identity Fraud – Protect Yourself With Secure Document Destruction

Identity theft is a growing problem in Toronto and indeed all over Canada. According to Statistics Canada, over 11,000 people were victims of the crime in 2009, and these thefts totalled over 10 million dollars in damages. In the ensuing 7 years since this survey, the numbers continue to rise.

It’s so easy for a person to access contact and account information nowadays, as people have become increasingly careless about how they share and dispose of their personal information. Paper bills are becoming an oddity across the country. When you do finally get a paper bill, you’re unsure of how long to keep it or to keep it all. All too often, it finds itself into the regular recycling bin after a quick crumple. On the other hand, your digital data isn’t safe either. Smartphones and other devices link you and your profile to the Internet, and it can be a simple slip of the finger to release your information to the wrong company. Worse still, you can throw out your old phone when you upgrade, and if the right person finds it, they can unlock it to access everything you once stored on the cell.


Tearing up what few bills you receive before tossing it in the recycling bin isn’t a solution. Neither is wiping your electronics before you throw them in the trash. Identity thieves know how to repair poorly ripped paper and retrieve deleted data. All they need is for you to make the mistake of throwing out your documents and electronics so that they can have access to them. Once they retrieve any personal information found on financial reports, utilities bills, tax returns, or electronic bills, they can use it to open up falsified accounts. These accounts are nearly always credit cards, and it’s under your name that they’ll rack up charges.

Destroying your paper documents and electronics is the only way you can guarantee that thieves won’t take advantage of your information. But don’t do this on your own. Trust the expert document shredding services in Toronto to help make sure your personal information is properly disposed of. These services will arrive to your home or place of business, in whatever part of the city you’re located. This eliminates any chance of files or electronics going missing while in transit, as their on-site destruction removes that opportunity. These trucks out equipped with the strongest, most efficient blades to allow for complete destruction of your materials, so not even the best thieves can retrieve a thing.

Expect the best document destruction services to arrive with fully bonded, uniformed individuals. These professionals have been specifically trained with your security in mind and have met in-house as well as international security standards. Not just a friendly face of the document shredding company, they’re also informed employees who can answer your questions regarding their entire process, their NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certification, and how they’ll recycling the remaining pieces.

Toronto shouldn’t have to be a scary place. When you invest in proper data and document destruction, it won’t be. Allow the city’s best document shredding service to destroy your old electronics and personal files and eliminate the risk of becoming another one of the victims of identity theft.

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