Getting Designed and Printed Event Tickets that Sell

When it comes to running an event, one of your concerns is when and how to print tickets for event. However, this may be one of the last things thought as you figure out costs and logistics of the event. Playing your cards right and developing a smart marketing technique in advance in terms of event admission, you will be able to manage to make your tickets and get them printed on time for the event.

Things to Take into Account before Getting your Tickets Printed

Before you begin finding the right way to produce your event tickets, spend some time collecting information on your event. Such information can include the title of the event, time, date and location, number o f tickets you need and ticket price as well as logos or artwork.  Having this information beforehand will make it easier for you to proceed through the next steps and offer you a great idea of what to expect from your ticket printing endeavor.


Ways to Produce Tickets

  • Design and print them through the use of an online form – A lot of websites today provide pre-designed ticket templates which can be customized for your specific event. After finding a template which suits your event, you can already customize the tickets by putting the text which describes your event on the tickets. A number of templates may even let you upload a logo or image to the ticket to give it a more custom feel and look. These pre-designed tickets tend to be less expensive than custom tickets. Also, the turnaround time is quick when you need tickets urgently.
  • Use Ticket Designing and Printing Software – Tickets can be printed using programs currently installed on your computer when you don’t need variable data like a seat number or a ticket number. However, it is easier and faster to make use of a program designed to print tickets. The majority of ticket editors come with an easy to use interface which enables you to drag and drop a text, numbers, images and other information into your tickets. Also, you can purchase a pre-perforated ticket stock which you can safely use in your office or home printer offering your tickets a professional feel.


  • Hire a professional to custom design and print your tickets – A lot companies can help you in designing tickets for your events. The majority of them may include the design as a freebie to your printing order. Working with a professional ticket designer let you directly talk to a person who will ask you regarding your event and what you want your tickets to look like. The designer will then make a ticket proof you can approve before they print them. With them, you can be sure you get designs that sell.

Custom designed tickets are expected to take longer to make than pre-designed templates due to the additional design time. On average, it will take between three days and one week to get the tickets printed. Also, they are more expensive as you will have to pay for more human interaction in the process. However, the cost is worth it if you wish to have good looking tickets which match your event’s theme. In fact, because of the industry experience of professional ticket designers and printers, they may be able to give a marketing guide for novices.

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