How Signage can create the Best First Impression

Getting the logo of your business can a challenging task but then when you try to create a sign to ensure it gives an everlasting impression can be an even bigger challenge.  With lots of different sign designs, logo and colour options, you need to try and be as innovative as possible.  If you search the internet for a sign manufacturer you will be spoilt for choice but be sure to shop around and make sure you get a quote that competes with others but also some help and guidance on the best signage for you.

Target Audience

Designing a sign that will get results in terms of you target audience can be tricky as you will want yours to be one that people will remember and potentially take action on.  Consider you target audience with some thoughts around age group, demographics, what action you want people to take when they read the sign.  An example of this would be a road sign defining the speed limit.  Clearly this is something that you would want people to see in order for them to comply to this as if they don’t comply, potentially there would be consequences for the individual (including prosecution).  As such, you would consider the sign to be large enough in order for the people to actually see it, you would also want the colours to be bold and recognisable.  Another point would be standardisation – clearly with road signs there is a level of standardisation so that for speed limit signs they are all the same shape and colours.  This makes it very clear to the end user what the sign is for and what you expect them to be doing.


If for example you own a bank and your sign is in bright pink colours, what do you think that tells the customer?  Colours play an important part in your signage and impression this will give people on your brand.  Clearly bright pink will get your sign noticed however it may not leave people thinking of quality of your company.  Think of the colour of your sign very carefully as you clearly want to strike the balance correct where the sign is noticeable but also gives a good impression of your company.


The signage design and manufacture is not a particularly over crowded market and as such there are not many companies in regions that you can haggle with on price.  Make sure that you take into consideration the quality of the signage.  The cheapest company may offer you a sign that is flimsy, thin and poor material for example therefore this should always be taken into consideration as if your signage looks to be of poor, cheap quality, this leaves an impression on your customers as to the quality of your actual company.  It may be a good idea to ask if they have any samples they can send.

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