Indoor Air Quality -Top Reasons for Air Duct Cleaning

Outdoor air quality is considered to be extremely polluted, but in comparison indoor air quality is poorer. People spend 80 to 90% time indoors and breathe oxygen confined within an HVAC system. Today, many workplaces and residences hardly have windows. Moreover, the indoor air quality can be worse than outdoors, which gets circulated again and again via HVAC system.

Thus, it becomes vital to maintain HVAC system properly. Homeowners can change furnace filters and clean air ducts regularly. Generally, both changing and cleaning allows removing dust and debris accumulated in the components including gravity heaters, forced air system and more. For learning how to clean air duct visit

Air Duct Cleaning

There is no research related to regular duct cleaning and enhancement of indoor air quality, but EPA and NADCA have the same opinion that there is some significance connected with this task.

When the subject is about indoor air quality, air circulation, health problems, system performance, and energy savings then homeowners will benefit it through air duct cleaning. If you still have doubt then let’s understand the reasons in detail.

Reasons for air duct cleaning

  1. Air ducts have been ignored till now. It means indoor air is possibly 70 times more contaminated than outdoor environment
  1. Home residents may be suffering from allergies. Dirt, dust, and contaminants get pulled inside the furnace system, when air is sucked inside the system. Heating air duct system is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, mold, and other allergens because they need temperatures between 72° and 86° for procreation.
  1. Kids under four are at high risk of getting asthma attack or allergies.

Air Duct Cleaning

  1. Formerly, the basement had been damp, wet or flooded, which may have caused the development of mildew and mold.
  1. You desire to clean the dead and live insects, rodents and spiders from the ducts
  1. Your home has been renovated, currently causing a lot of dust accumulation in the air ducts. If duct cleaning is ignored then remodeling dust can flow around the house for years affecting family health.
  1. If you own a pet then its fur can get caught in vents. This builds up live germs, fungus, as well as allergy causing elements. It gives mold and mildew good opportunities to survive.

Air Duct Cleaning

Home is a haven for everyone. Shockingly, our homes are invaded with huge degree of pollutants and allergens. Therefore, it is wise to protect every loved one living under the roof from breathing poor quality air. This is the biggest global concern for every home owner because majority of time is spent at workplaces, homes, or other such buildings.

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