Is Your Office Making You Ill?

Since you spend most of your time at work, it is important for you to be as healthy as possible. However, have you ever considered that your office could actually be making you ill? There are several flaws in office design which can make you more susceptible to illness or even injury. Steps should be taken to make offices are safe as possible so that these problems can be avoided. Hire a company to take care of office build, design and installation. Sick employees who are unable to work may cost their employers thousands of pounds in wasted workdays, so it is important that the entire office is kept as healthy as possible at all times.

Read this helpful guide in order to find out more about illness and injury prevention in the office.

The Office Flu

Every so often, the office flu can strike and may cause several people to take time off work at once. Struggling on at work with a serious cough or a heavy cold can make people unable to do their job properly.

In order to minimise the risk of coughs and cold being a problem at work, think about how the employees are arranged during the workday. Open-plan offices require people to be in very close proximity to each other most of the time. Whilst this can be an effective way for colleagues to brainstorm with each other, it can increase the risk of infectious diseases being passed from one person to another.

The solution to this problem is to have cubicles fitted in the office so that employees become more self-contained and are not in such close proximity to any potentially sick people. You may notice that the number of sick days starts to decrease after the office has been partitioned.

Loose Carpets And Steps

In a normal working day, there will always be a few people moving about the office on various errands or going to the toilet. The office should be kept free of hazards so that you are not in danger of having an accident whilst you are heading from the break-room or going to a meeting. Replace loose or frayed carpets with brand-new material and make sure that the new carpets are fastened down securely.


Poorly-Designed Office Furniture

Sitting on broken or poorly designed office furniture can place a strain on your neck and back. Some employees may feel like they have to quit their job because of how uncomfortable they feel when they are sat down at their desk. This pain can be debilitating, so make sure to replace furniture with ergonomic tables and chairs as soon as possible. Chairs with high backs are preferable, and desks should be high enough so that people do not have to stretch or slump forward in order to reach the keyboard.

It could be a good idea to advise employees to sit a healthy distance away from keyboard screens in order to reduce the risk of migraines and eyestrain.

Follow this guide in order to keep office employees as healthy as possible.

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