Online Reputation Management: How Online Reviews Affect It

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With the digital age, it has become easy for people to instantly share their opinions and thoughts with others online. This could mean good exposure for businesses if their customers are happy and leave positive reviews or share to others their positive brand experiences. All the positive comments can be good for a company; however, the negative ones can be quite harmful. Online reputation management helps a business keep track of what others are saying about it online.

Significance of Online Review Management

Online reviews work with word-of-mouth advertising when it comes to making influence. As a matter of fact a survey says more than 80% of consumers read online reviews to identify a local business’ quality. With more and more customers buying services or products based upon local business reviews, a few negative reviews can significantly affect customer retention and new sales.

Therefore, it is important that companies include online review management as an essential component of their overall reputation management endeavors. Online review management concentrates on monitoring reviews, giving responses and or solving problems in a timely manner.

Impact of Positive Reviews On Customers

Positive reviews help a business convert. That is why it is important to have an idea of one’s online behavior to know how people approach things. If you browse search engine result pages, are you drawn to the gold stars and reviews in Google local that you can find at the right side of the page? The search engine giant has organized things in a way that it is hard to miss reviews today so it is not surprising to see a higher number of people reading them.


At times negative reviews are not avoidable.  What is important is that you deal with them in an effective way. In case of an unhappy customer you have to repair any damage done. Instead of being defensive or offering excuses it can be a great idea to be brief and try to express regret for a customer’s bad experience.

Reputation Management Online

In order to maintain a positive reputation in the internet, businesses must be proactive about customer service and respond to reviews and other feedback online. Also, they can consider getting help from business review websites to maintain their reputation. Recent surveys claim that when contacting a company through social media for support, 40% of consumers expect to get a response within 60 minutes. Social media’s public and fast-paced nature require companies to respond quickly and resolve concerns of customers effectively. Word tends to travel quickly on social media and keeping track of your reputation online is important to maintain positive brand image.


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