The Success Found Through Effective Teamwork: Pat Lencioni

Truly seamless teamwork is a near impossible task. And yet, in almost every business setting, teamwork is essential, because no corporation can thrive without all of its parts striving towards the same goal. But it’s far harder to keep a team motivated and on-point than to simply outline objectives and an action-plan.

People are far too fallible, distracted, and incompatible to ensure a team works seamlessly together. Things get even more difficult the larger a group is; adding more people into a team simply creates more individuals with varying personalities, opinions, and beliefs that can lead to internal friction. So, in essence, the larger a business or corporation is, the harder it becomes to achieve true teamwork.

Through Effective Teamwork

And yet, the more a business grows the more of a need there is to actively work together. Unfortunately, the catch-22 is that achieving effective teamwork is an issue that plagues both large and small businesses, and many aren’t even aware it is a problem that needs to be addressed. In the latter scenario, the result is a company that is not reaching its full potential, thus inhibiting its own growth and overall profit.

The only solution is effective leadership from a knowledgeable director, one who understands the underlying principles of teamwork and the obstacles that can get in the away from truly seamless cooperation. Pat Lencioni is such an individual, one who can impart his wisdom regarding teamwork to anyone willing to listen.

Author of ten best-selling books on leadership and business dynamics, including the national success “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” Pat Lencioni has helped a large number of major companies achieve new levels of success. Working with a wide array of organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to the military to professional sports teams, Lencioni uses his expertise in the realm of teamwork to streamline every operation.

With work featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Harvard Business Review, and USA Today, Pat is able to synthesize the information held within “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team” and his other like publications into one presentation focused on leadership and harmony in the workplace.

In Pat’s mind, a company can achieve success in any industry or market just as long as everyone is striving towards the same goal. To do so, all one has to do is address and deconstruct the ways in which people create dysfunction without even realizing it. Pat helps teams become more streamlined by offering real, concrete advice and strategies in order to overcome the obstacles team members place between each other. With Pat’s help, a company’s workforce will become a real team, looking to each other for help and support rather than simply “doing their job.”

To read more on Pat’s previous work and his unique strategies to achieve effective teamwork, check out his Sweeney Agency profile page here.

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