Want a Smoother and Successful Move? Consider Self-Storage

Whether you are moving to another state or across town, relocation can really be strenuous and time-consuming. But you should know that self-storage is helpful in making the process a lot easier and smoother. Here are some tricks to have a comfortable experience during your moving day.

Moving Trucks and Packing Supplies

A number of storage facilities offer moving services to ease customers’ relocation. Before hiring a moving company that will transport your possessions to a new house, ask if they can let you use a moving truck. Some of them may offer a free truck rental that comes along with the unit rent. Others provide their tenants truck rentals at discounted rates. This makes renting a storage unit and moving an affordable alternative to getting the services of a moving team.


When you are using the moving truck of a storage facility, ask if it comes with straps and blankets to protect things like furniture during transit. For heavier items like sofa and refrigerator, ask if there is a cart or dolly that you can use.

Some storage facilities may also offer packing supplies including cushioning materials and high quality boxes to better protect your things especially the delicate ones.

Organize Your Relocation

Storage units can help you before, during and after your relocation. You can use them to stockpile your things between your current house and new house, provide yourself more time and space to clean before you move and move your belongings in your new house at your own pace.


After packing all your things and putting them into storage organize them by room. Boxes can be divided into groups based upon the room they will go in. considers labeling and color-coding every box so all kitchen supplies, for instance, are categorized in a group.

Also think about renting a storage unit that has drive-up access so it will be easier and faster to unload your truck and other vehicles.

Lighten the Load on Relocation Day

Self storage is helpful in moving your things out so that you have enough time to clean your old house. You can find this more essential when you have to move out at a particular date and time. Try to rent a unit a couple of weeks before your move-out date and begin transferring your things to the unit on your own timeline.


It’s important to transfer all your things ahead of your location day so you have space and time to deal with all the last minute details. In fact this is quite helpful when you plan to show your house to a possible buyer or renter before your relocation day. Moving non-essential things into the storage unit tend to get you a step closer to both moving out and renting or selling your old house.

Self-storage can be an excellent resource during the moving process including before, during and after the move. Look for a storage facility in your area and ask the operator some pieces of advice to make your move easier.

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