What to consider in active shooter mitigation


If recent events are anything to go by, mass shootings in the United States are on the rise, and it is ever more important for organizations to put more effort into understanding active shooter mitigation strategies, in order to deter or prevent active shooter occurrences. Admittedly, the means and tactics that a company begins to enforce change to decrease the response time to an active shooting emergency and preventing the loss of life can be so much more difficult to come up with on paper than in theory.

Nonetheless, the recent advances in workplace design and planning may be just what your organization needs to prepare for active shoot threats. For the design of your business premise, innovative models such as the run, hide and fight will come in handy in protecting all your employees.

The number of available exits from the building is another important thing to consider to ensure that everyone in the building has a good chance of escaping when push comes to shove. Your organization’s physical design should be such that the workers can easily hide, defend and barricade themselves from a gun man. These are some of the important points to consider when deciding on the cost and risk impact of taking up new designs.

Technology has also played a vital role in active shooter mitigation. Today, it is possible to detect a threat from within an office before matters get out of hand. A modern and reliable security system that can detect any arms before anyone can gain access to the premise is obviously the first place to start.

Additionally, invest in an Indoor Positioning System can allow your company’s security to know the exact position of a shooter and at the same time provide information to the local law enforcement in real time thus allowing for a speedy response and avoiding bloodshed and loss of life.

Integrating Wi-Fi with special beacons or access points with mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones with the Indoor Positioning System can help keep tabs on where each employee is and maintain constant messaging to stay updated on their status in the event of an attack.

You can also install gunshot sensors that can isolate the sound of gun shots from all other noises in the environment thus helping your security personnel get the direction of the shooter and alert the police before they reach your office.

Active shooter mitigation takes some time, and all the employees need to be trained on what to do in the event of an attack. This will mean regular drills that you need to include in your annual budget. It is important always to stay prepared as this will help shooting disasters from happening at your offices.  The gun problem is quickly becoming a major problem that needs to be addressed by all organizations.

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