5 Reasons to Exhibit Your Company at a Trade Show

If your company is getting more leads through word of mouth and advertising, it can be very tempting to assume that you do not need trade shows to attract new clients. However, what you should know that when done right, trade shows offer an easy, and rewarding way to market your business.

The veterans of trade shows attest to the fact that the return on investment obtained from a successful trade show is hard – and even impossible – to compare with other types of outbound marketing. That’s why, before you assume that trade shows don’t really matter to your current marketing strategies, you need to think twice.

Working with a professional exhibit designer, like Expo Marketing, can help you stand out in a trade show, and even realize all the benefits that it can bring. Here are five reasons to exhibit at trade shows:

Meet and connect with your potential clients

Exhibiting at a trade show is a great way to meet and connect with prospects and existing clients. It gives you a chance to meet them face-to-face and tell them whatever it is you’ve wanted to say to them for a long time – only without screening. Unlike the phone or email that can end up going unanswered, a one to one conversation helps you to get your voice heard, and to get direct feedback from the clients. Keep in mind that inasmuch as you may not sell much during the trade show, you will have an advantage over these clients since they’ll be responsive to your sales effort later on.

Keep up with the latest developments in your industry

When you attend a big trade show in your industry, you put your business in the middle of the action. Such events are a place for companies – including your peers — to announce and showcase their newest developments and innovations, some of which you never heard about but have the potential to revolutionize your industry as a whole. Staying in the loop gives you the opportunity to look at these developments and prepare yourself.


Whether you are attending a horizontal or vertical trade show, you’ll have an opportunity to interact worth prospective vendors and clients. This makes the event more than just a chance to widen your distribution, but an opportunity to broaden your supply chain. While your marketing team is busy talking to clients, you can connect with new contractors and vendors that can help your company grow.

Establish (or strengthen) your brand

Trade shows are among the few places where you have a similar amount of access to potential clients as your biggest competition. It makes them a perfect sport to direct sales and marketing, as well as to strengthen and position your brand as an authority in the industry.

Check out competition

The exhibitions in a trade show allow you to have a firsthand account of what your competition is up to. You get to see what they offer, and what makes them different. You also will know what’s working well for them and what’s not. Knowing what you are up against helps you position yourself better.

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