How HR software can help manage your business

Whether you own a large or small business, getting the Human Resources element of your business right is something that is of real importance.  Making mistakes here can be very costly and damage your company’s reputation.  Large firms may decide to employ a specific Human Resources department however smaller ones may not have the finances in order to do this and look for alternative options.  HR Management Software by Curo can help you with this by allowing you to do essential Human Resources management.  Below are some examples of how software like this can assist you.

Pay and Compensation

Getting the pay or your employees correct is important to ensure they are motivated and are not a flight risk to your business.  Getting this wrong can lead to high staff turnover.  Using the software it will allow you to gauge someone salary based on their productivity but also comparing to similar roles in the company to ensure there is a level of fairness.  There is also features to help trigger rewards for employees that have went above and beyond the normal realms of their contracts with you.  The system will allow you to also run historical reports on all your staffs pay and compensation and make the relative comparisons.

Holiday Management

Most Human Resources software can support with holiday allocation and governance.  If you ensure that the correct level of holidays are inserted into the system for your employees you then see any holidays they have taken throughout the year and have accurate information as to the balance remaining.  In addition to this, you can allow this to be an approval system where any holidays requested, the employee must request permission on the software and it will come to you for formal approval.



If employees are absent then it is particularly important to get the details of this recorded in a system.  Not only do you have a duty of care to ensure that when they return to work, they are fit for the task but if they have recurring absence then you want to ensure that you have the full history.  Dismissal from a company is one of the most common reasons that people are fired however it is also one of the most common reasons that companies can be sued (unfair dismissal).  As such, all the history and notes against an employee’s attendance is critical to ensure that both you and they are protected.

Employee Performance Reviews                 

Generally at the beginning of a year managers set their teams specific objectives.  These can be flowed from company objectives or strategy.  A lot of companies base their employee rewards on their end year performance against their objectives.  HR software allows you to insert the employees objectives in the system (these should be Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Related – SMART) in order to ensue clarity and achievability.  The HR system will allow both the manager to input comments to these objectives and allow acceptance of them.

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