How Telemarking can Help Generate Leads

When people think of telemarking, sometimes it has a negative perception however the facts remain that this is still a very credible way to generate new leads and covert to sales.  There is a lot of regulations surrounding this therefore it is important to have an understanding of this before heading off on this journey.  There are lots of really good reputable companies in the UK that can help set this up and run this acquisition for you, like B2B Telemarketing Services.  Here are some important tips as to how telemarking can help generate leads.

 Up-sell to current customers

If you have a large customer base as it stands, up-selling via this mechanism is something that may prove to be very rewarding.  Clearly the customers already have a relationship with your company which is a good thing therefore up-selling to existing clients is a lot easier to do than trying to bring in new clients.  A precaution here is that the company you employ to do this need to have some high quality standards.  You do not want the reputation of your own company to be affected by unprofessional people calling your customers with the only purpose of up-selling; they will need to know some background of your company but also be able to deal with disgruntled customers if they come across it.  Clearly a lot of this they won’t be able to help directly with but they must show a level of empathy and refer them to the correct people.

 Telephone Preference Service

It is extremely important that you are aware of the TPS.  This is a service that any phone user can register their telephone number to which should prevent any people calling them.  This is something the phone user must go to their website and register for as it is not done automatically for them.  If you do end up calling someone by accident that is part of the TPS and they inform you, it is important to apologise and take the appropriate action to ensure that they are not bothered again.  If people receive sales and marketing calls when registered for TPS then they can report the company and the company could receive a hefty fine.

Cold Sale Calls

This may seem like an unpopular way to get a sale however it is still a very effective way if pitched correctly.  It is true that the majority of people called may actually hang up and ask not to be contacted again however getting a few percentage of sales from this method may be enough to help with the growth aspect.  Again, as with the last section, the TPS awareness is really important.  The telemarking company will assist you by recommending the scope of people you would like their company to contact and what exactly it is you are selling.  This can be circled to an actual region or small area to trial first to understand its effectiveness before doing this on a large scale.

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