How Video Feedback Is So Invaluable for Company Execs

Mystery shopping is a great way to find out the truth behind the running of your business. It’s good to get feedback from customers out in the open, and from your staff, but mystery shopping adds that other layer of honesty that can be missing when you ask a person a direct question. Traditional mystery shopping entails a survey or questionnaire for people to fill out immediately after visiting your business, but again, how can you be 100% sure about the accuracy of the answers provided. Video feedback is the latest mystery shopping technique, and it offers invaluable insight in a different way than ever before.


The Visual Proof is in the Pudding

If you have outsourced your mystery shopping to a professional service they will of course provide you with all the information, feedback and data relating to your specific queries, as well as wider observations that have been made. For managers and business owners it can be difficult to truly picture the authentic journey their customer has been on, and that is where video technology adds another dimension. Why imagine what your customer has experienced and how, when you can see it right in front of you?


Visualisation is a Better Way to Process Information – For humans it can be boring and ineffective to study data and words (even if I do think you will enjoy reading this article!) and therefore feedback in video form can be stimulating and effective. You can connect with the human being behind the feedback and get to know your customers better, what they are looking for from you, what they see as faults that need fixing and how their customer journey worked out.

Short Highlights Win the Day – We’ve all got no time to do the work that needs completing in the busy workplace and for busy owners and managers video feedback not only offers a more stimulating way to process information, it can be done so in a much faster timeframe that having to read reams and reams of paper with different types of feedback and statistical data relating to mystery shopping programs you’ve ordered.


Work out a Plan Faster – If you can see right in front of you what your typical customers looks like and how they have been treated, you can immediately begin to formulate a remedy to cure any ills that have been noted. You can also begin to put together a way of strengthening and improving upon the already strong aspects of your customer service and business that your customers seem to enjoy.

Mystery shopping isn’t an exact science, but video feedback as part of a wider program of feedback and investigation into your business is a great way to see exactly what you need to do to continue improving all aspects of the business and move in the right direction.

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