Protect Your Investments and Get Skins for Every Employee

There was a reason why you outfitted the whole office with brand new Dell XPS 15. They’re one of the lightest, slimmest laptops that can pack a powerful processing punch. It’s a powerhouse in design with 6th generation Intel Core i7 processors and up to 16 GB of memory. And as an added bonus, it has up to 18 hours of battery power, which means you employees can be away from their desk, the office, and any power source for a full work day without a single worry.


It’s a good thing, considering how many meetings, conferences, and trade shows they attend. But as your crew takes their brand new Dells out for a spin, the laptops are terribly plain and – more alarmingly – unprotected. Speaking plainly, there’s no evidence that their Dell XPS 15s are company hardware, and they’re completely susceptible to the scratches, bumps, and scuffs that heavy travelling inevitably creates. After all the money you spent on these laptops, it’s time that you outfit them in some protective gear in the company colors.

This gear shouldn’t be bulky cases with awkward hinges and zippers that do more to prevent your team from using the laptop than it does to prevent damage from ruining their tech. Boxy plastic cases never look as good as they seem, and their bulky material makes using the Dell (or any laptop for that matter) a difficulty. You want something that’s as sleek and cool as the Dell itself.

That’s where Dell XPS 15 skins come in. They’re virtually weightless pieces of vinyl that affix to the laptop, covering the top, back, and touchpad. It’s thin enough that it doesn’t interfere with the touchpad’s sensors, but it’s strong enough to keep scratches and scuffs at bay. So even if your employees throw their new Dell into their bag, which just so happens to have their keys, some pens, and a few coins floating around in it as well, the equipment stays safe!

With a Dell XPS 15 skin wrapped around the laptop, all of those unsightly marks that come with heavy use are completely camouflaged. More importantly, it’s not just covered up with unrefined vinyl; it’s disguised by your brand’s colors. That’s because you can create customized Dell XPS 15 skins in the exact color and texture that you want. Check out to see what sorts of options are available. Everything from bright white carbon fiber that matches the Dell’s carbon fiber palm rest to sophisticated zebra wood can be on your team’s laptops.

Imagine what a bright magenta Dell would look like against all of the other boring, black laptops at the yearly conference. It would certainly stand out and get people talking – talking specifically about your employee and your brand. That comes with a lot of cache that you can stand to gain.

So before your team can get their new Dell’s completely banged up, issue each of your employees a skin in the company colors. These skins will help keep them in their best shape, ensuring the powerhouse of a laptop you bought can still muscle its way through apps years down the line. And as an added bonus, they’ll keep your brand front and centre wherever your employees go.

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