What is Appco’s Human Commercial™?

There are many different approaches that businesses rely on to sell products and services. Often, firms choose to deliver pre-scripted sales messages to prospective customers that can lack the personal touch. However, one company that has chosen a very different path is direct sales specialist Appco. It’s founder and chairman, Chris Niarchos, has developed a distinctive approach to sales called the Human Commercial™. In this blog, we take an in-depth look at what the technique involves.

Appco’s Human Commercial

A tailored approach to sales

Today, faceless, digital, mass communication is the norm when it comes to marketing. Chris, and Appco Group as a whole, believes that people still respond most strongly to other people. This is what drove the development of the Human Commercial™. Appco’s self-employed brand ambassadors engage with consumers in person on behalf of the companies they represent, delivering highly tailored messages that are relevant to each individual they interact with.

This approach is about more than just selling to people. It’s about respecting them and ensuring they have the most positive sales experiences possible. The brand ambassadors have detailed knowledge of the products and services they represent, meaning they can provide comprehensive and accurate responses to any questions.

Benefiting companies and consumers alike

The open and informative conversations that Appco’s brand ambassadors engage in can benefit companies and consumers alike. Businesses selling their products or services stand to gain potentially long-standing customers who feel a sense of engagement with and loyalty to them, while customers can make informed purchasing decisions and enjoy a rewarding sales experience in the process.

Given the importance of both winning over new consumers and encouraging repeat custom, the importance of the strong and lasting connections that the Human Commercial™ approach can help companies build with their customer base shouldn’t be underestimated.

Appco believes in the approach so strongly and has seen such success with it that it uses the technique to engage with consumers across the world on behalf of a broad spectrum of organisations.

A timeless technique

Effective face-to-face sales is the longest standing means of attracting customers and it’s popularity shows no sign of declining. Through the Human Commercial™ approach, Appco has found a way to finetune this technique and create the best possible outcomes for both consumers and businesses. If you want to find out more about this concept and its benefits, you can visit the company’s website to get the full details.

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